A Guide to Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Energy efficient garage door

A General Guide to Energy Efficient Garage Doors

When you have a garage, you are well aware of how much energy it can drain. This is especially true if you haven’t gone out of your way to getting an eco-friendly garage door. Those can make a huge difference, but many people still do not know much about them. So what is an energy-efficient garage door?

Insulation and Material Types of Eco-friendly Garage Doors

These types of doors are made with different materials and insulation methods. The most common insulation would be either single, double, or triple garages with increasing insulation the thicker the door. There are four commonly used materials: steel, wood, polystyrene, and polyurethane. The best material for insulation versus its weight is polyurethane. Steel is not normally the best choice though it is the most popular. It can be a good choice if you use multiple layers and a thicker gauge of steel.

Features of Energy Efficient Garage Doors

There are a few features that are commonly agreed upon before a garage could be considered environmentally friendly. The door should be made with particular materials. They should be sourced sustainably and make no harm to the earth. They should also have added features to enhance the insulation capacity for the garage, so it does not waste nearly as much energy as before. The best will also feature weatherproofing improvements and enhanced material quality for an overall better quality door. The higher quality the door, the longer it should last you before it needs replacement.

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Garage Door

Obviously, a lower energy bill is the biggest benefit of getting one of these types of doors installed for your garage. There are even more benefits than saving a little money, too, though. Many of these doors are soundproof, so you can make a lot of noise in the garage without bothering the neighbors at all. They are also typically less costly to maintain, and you should need to replace them less often, saving yourself even more money in the long run. As you can see, there are tons of benefits to upgrading your garage.


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